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What are your child’s favorite stories?

We are currently collecting information on what stories are the most loved by children of all ages. You can help us by filling out our Favorite Children’s Stories survey. It only takes a minute or two to complete. Tell us which stories your child likes best by completing the survey on this page: Favorite Children’s Stories Survey

Literacy Activities

Here are some literacy activities.  More are on the way.



five learning stages

Teaching literacy

Who is in the Story

Reading Comprehension

Here are some reading comprehension paragraphs for practice

  1. Cub’s Visit
  2. Wanda’s Birthday
  3. Nicole goes to the beach
  4. Maggie Wants a Bike
  5. Lady and Matthew Story
  6. Janet Visits the Doctor
  7. Charlie Goes Shopping

Here are some web links for Kindergarten activities

Here are some web links for Second grade reading comprehension stories:


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