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Here are a series of YouTube videos on how to introduce literacy and learning activities.  Make sure you watch all of them. You also can browse through all of our videos at the Extraordinary Learning Institute YouTube Chanel.

Math Manipulatives: Simple Addition

Brown Bear Activities

Zingo! and What’s GNU?

Biscuit Book and Board

Sammy the Snake

Snuggle Bunnies


Federal legislation requires that “no child be left behind,” a model that indicates that all children, even those with exceptional learning needs, are capable and potential learners. The current evidenced-based research documents that all children can learn to read, write, and communicate when provided with appropriate and individualized programs. It is the law that this be a requirement of all federally funded programs providing literacy services to children.

In North Carolina, hundreds of elementary schools have been informed that they fall short of the new federal standards requiring them to raise the end of grade test scores of their weakest students. The law requires that school enrollments be divided into a variety of categories by race, income, and educational disadvantages. For a school to get a passing grade, every subgroup must show improved results. A state analysis indicated that only a third of North Carolina schools met this goal.

North Carolina has recently set guidelines for increasing teaching, training, and programs to improve reading instruction. The reading initiative must follow specific reading programs that have proved to be effective and must focus on five key areas: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. The ELI/EILL instructional series includes and supports all five areas.

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  1. Linda says:

    A great web site. It is so helpful for families trying to complete early literacy activities.

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